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HVAC services are going to be difficult to try to handle on your own. We know that the tools and the equipment necessary to get the work done can be overwhelming. Instead of stressing about your time, energy and finances to figure all of this out, you are going to want to trust us here at Berkeley Pro HVAC Services instead. We are going to be able to provide the perfect price point and we are also going to be able to get the work done while providing outstanding care and attention to meet your needs.

About Us

Over the years we have been able to expand our team and to continually improve our work systems. We are always striving to set a new standard, and as such we have been able to expand our ability to provide reliable work results that you can trust for many years to come. We are also devoted to providing outcomes that you are going to happy with because it optimizes your return on investment.


Our Services

All of the services that we offer here at Berkeley Pro HVAC Services are going to be completed by a team of dedicated professionals. All of our team members have gone through extensive training programs that have provided them with the knowledge and the skillset necessary to get the work done. We also know that all of our team members are going to be providing outstanding customer service, and that is an integral part of who we are as a company.

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Furnace Services

We know that trying to do furnace services on your own is going to be difficult, so the team here at Berkeley Pro HVAC Services is happy to provide affordable and reliable furnace services. We know that our team of experts are going to be able to help you and that we are going to be able to provide solutions to all of your problems.

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Heating Services

Heating services are an important aspect of your home that needs to be properly executed. Tasks related to heating systems contribute to the property temperature regulation, and of course having optimal temperature regulation is going to ensure optimal comfort of your space. This also means that the system is going to be reliable for many years to come.

“I was searching for HVAC contractors near me, and I was also searching for heating and air conditioning near me. I knew that HVAC repair in Berkeley had a. hefty HVAC repair cost, but after speaking with Berkeley Pro HVAC Services, I was impressed with their offers! Not to mention, the heater repairman here was outstanding, and I am happy that I decided to hire them for my needs of HVAC repair near me. I am also happy I never have to search again for HVAC companies near me” – Melanie P.

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AC Repair & Maintenance

When you need to have air conditioning repair or maintenance tasks complete, you are going to want to trust us here at Berkeley Pro HVAC Services to come and work for you. We are going to be able to provide insights into the work that we do, and we are going to be able to get the work done in a way that no other HVAC company is going to be able to compete with. That is because we take training seriously, and all of our workers are capable of doing outstanding work.

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Commercial HVAC

You will need a dedicated HVAC technician for your commercial HVAC needs. We know heating and air conditioning is important to ensure that your commercial property is working optimally. We know that temperature can impact your commercial property’s success and work ethic. That is why if you ever have an emergency situation, you are going to want to call us here at Berkeley Pro HVAC Services right away.

“Heater repair near me seemed impossible to find, but when I searched for heating and air near me, I came across Berkeley Pro HVAC Services. I read the reviews and I was impressed that they were reported to be the best team for ac heating and air conditioning services. I hired them for heater repair and furnace repair projects, and their work is outstanding! I know that I am not going to have to worry about my heater not working ever again.” – John G.

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Air Quality Services

When it comes to HVAC work, everything contributes to air quality. That is why we are dedicated to ensuring optimal air quality in everything that we do. We consider air quality in tasks including air condition repair, HVAC installation, heater repair services, and even furnace repairs. Not to mention, we provide addition air quality services that help set us apart from other companies that offer heating and air conditioning service providers or heating and other heating and air conditioning repair teams.

HVAC technicians doing duct and vent inspection
Duct & Vent Services

If you need a ductless mini split repair or duct cleaning, we here at Berkeley Pro HVAC Services is the team that you are going to want to trust. Also, we stand out from other HVAC companies because we take your heating and cooling services seriously. We also know that the ventilation is important for interior health regulations. As such, we are going to worked devotedly for you.

“Heating and air work around the area is easy enough to come across, but I did not want just anyone coming to work in my home. That is why I hired Berkeley Pro HVAC Services. They are the best team for heater repair in Berkley and they also have a great reputation for ductless HVAC services.  I knew that I could trust them, and sure enough, they provided thorough assessments of my entire HVAC system. They did minor upgrades upon my approval, and I have peace of mind knowing that I am properly taken care of by their team of experts.”- Janet S.


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Reaching out to our team of HVAC professionals here at Berkeley Pro HVAC Services is going to be a pleasurable experience, and we also know that you are going to be happy with our customer service throughout the entire process. We are the heating and cooling experts who can handle any task, including ductless heating and cooling services, HVAC repair, standard heating and air conditioning upgrades, and even heat pump repair or heat pump installation. We know that there are no other cooling or heater repair companies that can serve you like we can. As such, trust us for all of your air conditioning and heating needs.